Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Doing Wednesday

The greengate blanket is slowly growing, row by row with a  row or two being added each day.  I'm now 22 rows into the second part with 63 rows to go.  This is a really large project but one I am loving.  I've been searching around looking for pillow patterns to complement this.

My CAL doily from Stitchy McFloss has 10 rows to go.  Its such a lovely doily and a wonderful size.  Hope to have this completed soon.

Now, I've been looking for some cross stitch charts to work on when I have discovered needle tatting!  I have always wanted to learn tatting but found the shuttle somewhat difficult.  Last Sunday visiting with a dear friend and her cousin I found the cousin making tatted wreaths and with a needle.  She has graciously offered to teach me.  I also found this book by Barbara Foster.  Very well written and easy to understand.    It comes with 4 needles too.  Needless to say, I'm quite excited to learn this and add to my thread addiction!

Today's agenda will have to be readjusted with a quick trip to see the doc.  I have shingles.  Realized this last night and hope I can catch this before it goes to far.

And that's what's doing on my Wednesday.  Hope that your day is a good one.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

In our neck of the woods ...

Playing peek-a-boo with the sun today.   Hoping for sunny for the afternoon as many have parties planned.  Graduation, birthday, backyard wedding.  The past few days have been all day heavy rains.  However, the rain did not silence the cicadas.  Our immediate vicinity is free of them, but not far from here there are tons of them and you can hear their "singing".   They start up humming at daybreak and and by night fall they are silent.  They really don't bother anyone, don't seem to be eating the leaves as the trees are full of them.  I find it a strange thing.  Three weeks they have been here and within three weeks they will be gone for another 17 years.  Mother Nature, never ceases to amaze!

I'm getting an itch to stitch.  Its been quite some time since I took needle and floss to hand...looking for a summer cross stitch project.  It has to be a rather smallish one so that I will finish it.  Not sure yet whether a pretty floral or maybe a holiday type.  There's a lovely blog Freebie Gallery that I will be waltzing through shortly.  Beautiful work and links to free charts.  Very generously provided.  I'm sure I will find just what I'm looking for there.

The hook, well, what can I say, its still moving.  Several projects being worked on, a few will have to be put aside for the summer.  A friend of mine just gave me rectangular knitting looms.  Also anxious to try them out.   Goodness, there's never enough time to spend on all these wonderful crafts. 

Hope you're weekend is full of blessings and joy.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

"I said to the almond tree
 'Sister speak to me
about God'
and the almond tree
From the writings of Greco,
Greek-born Spanish painter