Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to December and the Holidays

angels21Spent the afternoon yesterday with the grandpumpkin and his mommy at the mall doing a bit of stocking stuffer shopping.  What a grand time.  I have to say its been a long time since such excitement over the holidays has been felt.  This little guy brings such joy.  He was not at all impressed with Santa though.

Been such a busy week lately that there hasn't been much crochet time.  Hope to change that situation over the weekend.  The aran afghan is on the last repeat, will try and get a picture soon.  I'm excited to get this done now.  So many other projects I want to start!

Hard to believe that December is here tomorrow.  Seems like Fall had just started.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Hush All Around

 winter.png photoAll day today.  The snow started early this morning.  A very fine snow and continued all day till early evening.  There wasn't any accumulation on the roads (thankfully) but the trees were outlined in white, by this afternoon the grass was covered ... it was very pretty.  And there it was ... the hush and that too continued throughout the day.  There's something almost magical about a hush after a fallen snow.  The silence is so profound and you can almost feel it as well.  Like being wrapped in a soft, comfortable blanket (crocheted of course).   In the business of the day there was a peace, it was the presence of the hush.

Friday, November 23, 2012

IMG_2769Black Friday and for us its Turkey Soup Day.  Had the pot simmering last night and finished it this morning for my favorite part of the Thanksgiving leftover ... turkey soup.  I'm ok with turkey but the soup ... mmmm, I love it!

Down sized a lot this year as far as the Christmas decorating goes.  No big tree this year, just a four foot in each of the bay windows, a new gift of angels and a few sprigs of this and a few sprigs of that here and there and just enough.  Must be the older age (lol).  Years past it was Christmas overload for sure.  I'm quite content this year with the less is more.

Didn't even think about venturing out to any store today, but we did go to see Santa and his elves arriving at a local tree farm.  They parchuted in.  It was quite fun although the grandpumpkin got a bit scared with all the cheering as each touched down.  It was quite impressive.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

 6vintage_thanksgiving_postcard-p239993925287326660en8ki_216-1-1.jpg photo

What's Doing Wednesday

IMG_2756Thanksgiving just a day away.  This week kicking off the holiday season.  The turkey is thawing and the weather has been cold and crisp with the fresh scent of winter.  Brings to mind Christmas carols, peppermint moca coffee and twinkling lights.  The bird feeder has been filled.  A note on my shopping list for another feeder, a replacement to the one that broke.  The holiday puzzle arrived today.  Thursday evening will find us laying out the perimeter of the puzzle.  The one we chose this year is called Gingerbread House.   Darling houses wih lots of activity surrounding them.

IMG_2757The Aran Afghans to Crochet book also arrived.   Such beautiful patterns.  I'm sure this book will be well used in the future.   This book is the one which has the pattern for the aran afghan which Heather (The Good Life) just finished.  I have to have one.

The aran that I am currently working on is a bit more then half way done.  This is such a fun project. 
IMG_2761My wool eater is also coming along nicely.  Twenty six rows almost completed now and this too about half done.  Both of these are heavy weight afghans and so cozy and comforting, perfect cold weather companions.  Both to be given as gifts.

Full day work today then looking forward to tomorrow and the smell of turkey cooking, the sound of March of The Wooden Soldiers from the TV and moments of just settling in with my little family.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Traditions


In between at the moment and stopping quickly just to check in.  Following a few days of spring like weather we are now getting a tad bit crisper fitting the season.  Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week.

Seems as we grow older (who me ???? ... yes, another birthday just passed.  How old you say?  Ok, I'll give ... 62!) so many changes to how we used to celebrate the holidays.  Family and friends that have gone on before us and so the world is different.   But, the excitement is returning with the grandpumpkin around.  Fourteen, almost fifteen months now and a barrel of fun and love.

Last year the DIL and I (and the hubby) did some Christmas puzzles and had a blast.  I think this is now a new tradition.  A puzzle has been ordered and should be here in a few days and we all can't wait.  I look forward to Thanksgiving night, the lights twinkling from the tree which is being readied now, a peppermint moca coffee and diving into the puzzle box looking for the edge pieces to start.  Yes, new traditions in the making.  Its all good.

Blessings to you.     

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adding to my pattern collection.

Aran Afghans to CrochetI hear we are supposed to have lots of snow this winter (and I'm hoping they are wrong) but in the interest of being cozy and warm I think there will be a few more afghans being made this winter.  Having seen the aran ghans that Heather (The Good Life) has made and the one she is making now ... is this magnificent ... gave me the courage to try the Holiday Cable throw that Red Heart has.  I have found it to be a fun work and so much easier then I anticipated.   So, I ordered the Arans Afghans to Crochet, a treat to myself and yes, I will have to make one in a color, just like Heather.

Thoughts of today ...

Time Flies

As we return to standard time, gaining an hour ... fall behind.  Loving that hour.  Got up an hour earlier having lost no hour of sleep, prayer time an hour earlier.  Prayers for those affected by Sandy, for the upcoming election, for our soldiers, for our families and friends.  For all of you.

A bit more of time to prepare for the day.  To enter into it through a longer period of quiet.  Can we do this again tomorrow?