Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thread of Thought

When I say I'm thinking of you ...

a cute little emblishment to place on a card
of your own making to a dear friend,
an adornament to a sweater or jeans,
a shade pull ...
make two and sew together around stuffed fabric for a little pin cushion.
Only four rows, does ever so quickly but says

I think of you ... your in my thoughts.

Thoughtful blessings.


  1. How sweet of you to make one of these for each of us -- at least that's how I feel. I love it and it made me feel very special today.

  2. Oh that's a great idea glor. :)

  3. Bev, thank you so much for your comments. You made me feel special as well. Doesn't crochet just bring such happiness to your life in the people we "meet" along the way?

  4. Hi Glor, thanks for another easy pattern. I've just written it down (my handwriting is not as nice as your's :) and will certainly be whipping up many with all this yarn I've got around here. I've already made 6 doilies form the mug coaster pattern, and only did 5 rows for coasters, of which I've made 3. Loving the pattern a lot (even if each attempt comes out a little different each time)! Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  5. What a lovely idea, thankyou for sharing :))

  6. How sweet! You are such a thoughtful lady and such a blessing. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs and blessings,
    Anita ♥

  7. so lovely...what a nice sentiment from the heart...made with love and kindness.

    I redid the link for Mary's Almond Joy cake,
    thanks for telling me the link didn't work.

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