Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning

Although we're back into a few days of 90 plus degree weather the early morning air is cool and refreshing. So enjoy these quiet moments.

With the change of season in sight found it was time to bring out the paint brush and roller and have started a huge color change in my kitchen. Years ago the color would have been Harvest Gold, now its called Naco Chip ... just what I need, hope it doesn't make me hungry! One wall is done, I like it and then I'm not so sure. I have never used a color on the walls that is this dark so I think the not so sure is coming from adjusting from white to this.

Just blocked my September Doily of The Month last night so I'm ready for September. Will be posting probably this week. Hope you will like it.

Time to venture out, have a wonderful day.

To a Day
of Sunshine
and Blessings


  1. paint does that, you are not sure you like it..the entire wall has to be done. The contrast w/white makes it appear so dark..we went thru the same thing here..all the way thru
    as we put more paint on, and there was less and less of white, it looked better. I like the Harvest Gold better than nacho chip, to trendy..I like the retro name better, remember when everything was Harvest Gold?

  2. I'm a fan of color. I'm sure it's gonna look great. Change is always a little shocking at first, but it grows on you and you get used to it. Look forward to see your September doily. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Good Morning!

    I like color. But We're not always brave enough to try it. I remember when our walls were all white and boring.

    Harvest Gold as in all 1970's appliances?


  4. my entire house is painted white....
    and it has been for years....

    but prior to that...i was into the Burgundy's and greens....

    but the white has been with me the longest..and I find that it makes me think of a fresh,crisp sheet of white drawing paper or canvas...waiting for some artwork to be splashed on it! lol

    whatever works for us , right!
    here's hoping you don't get an insatiable appetite for Nacho's!


    ciao bella!!!