Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

I'm hooking up to Every Day Crochet this week for Work in Progress Wednesday.

I have 4 completed squares and half way into the 5th square for my Elegant Pineapple Afghan and my Granny Ripple has grown about 8 inches since I last posted about it. However, with 90 degree weather again they both are being pushed to the sidelines. I think sometime in October they may reappear. They will be a cuddly project for when evenings are getting cooler.

With that said I certainly do have to have at least one hook flying so here is something I am working on which will either be a coaster or doily. I think I'm leaning more toward a coaster size. We'll see what the hook wants to do.

And switching gears completely, with paintbrush in hand a major WIP is my kitchen and dinette. Going from white to "Nacho Chip" ... (yes, its that same Harvest Gold from the 70's). One wall has been completed and as I'm not the youngster I once was this will be a WIP for a while, however the color is growing on me more and more to where tonight when I came in I found I really do like the color.

Pop over to Every Day Crochet
and see what's happening.


  1. It's still hot here too so I've mostly been working on granny squares. If it's too hot I just wait to put them together. I'm pulling out the UFO afghans and getting ready for cooler weather, though.

    The pineapple squares are beautiful! I'm not too good with intricate work, but love to see what others can do.

  2. That pineapple afghan looks like it will be beautiful. Can't wait to see it. So does the little coaster or whatever you're working on. I had a kitchen once that was that yellow. It was so sunny and cheery.

  3. Glor,

    where did you get the pattern for the round one. It looks like a round jacobs ladder... I love that.


  4. Wow Glor! You've been a busy girl! I haven't even been able to squeeze in a little hooky from schooly and family things. You're making enough for both of us! :)

  5. My first thought was "Oh nice work" .. your pineapple square looks like cotton, beautiful. I like the colour you have your room.. :)) the granny is bright and happy love the colours ..

  6. Its been really hot here again too. Mid 90's.. Hopfully when Hurricane Earl passes by, it will start to cool off again. Love your coloroful granny ripple. I think somewhere in my closet I have some pineapple squares like yours....

  7. Love your granny ripple. I need to do another one of those as it was so easy to work on. I want to use some fun colors this time. Need to check out my stash and see what I can come up with. Your pineapple afghan is gonna be gorgeous once it is done. I haven't crocheted in several days. With going back to work, I just can't manage to fit in everything I would like to do in a day. Will pop over to Everyday Crochet to check out what's going on. Best wishes to you! :) Tammy