Thursday, September 17, 2009

Diamonds in Snow ...

...a crocheted scarf.

Just finished this tonight. I don't think the picture shows it well though. The silver is Patons' Brilliant and has a sparkle to it and the off white is Caron's Simply Soft, so it is very comfortable and, what else ... soft! It is worked in continuous rows around and goes up quickly.

It does curl and so I ironed it with a press cloth and low heat to help it lay out but it still does twist, (much more then what you see here) but I think that adds to it. To keep from twisting, just use one size hook throughout.

This is a great stash buster, using less then a skein of each.

One skein each of Paton's Brilliant and Caron Simply Soft
Hook Sizes F, J, K

Starting with J Hook and Paton's Brilliant

  1. ch 11, sc in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across, 10sc ch1, turn

  2. sc in same stitch as c1, sc across, 10sc ch1, turn - repeat this for 10 rows - first diamond

  3. ch 31, turn, sc in 2nd chain from hook and 9 more, 10 sc, ch1, turn sc in same stitch as ch1, sc across, ch1, turn, repeat this for 10 rows - 2nd diamond

  4. repeat row 3 - 3rd diamond

  5. ch 114, turn, sc in 2nd chain from hook and 9 more, 10sc, ch1, turn, sc in same stitch as ch1, sc across, ch1, turn ... repeat for 10 rows - 4th diamond

  6. Repeat row 3 two more times for 5th and 6th diamonds.

  7. Change to F Hook sc around diamonds and in each chain going up one side and then down to where you started with the F Hook, fasten off.

  8. With K Hook attach Caron Simply Soft Off White, ch 3, dc in each sc around, sl st to beginning ch 3.

  9. 9. Ch3, dc around again, sl st to beginning.

  10. 10. Repeat row 9, st st to beginning ch 3 and fasten off. (Three rows of the off white.)


  1. I love this scarf. Thanks so much for posting the pattern. I can't wait to try it.

  2. It's beautiful! I may try this myself. I used to crochet all the time with my grandmother, but have not picked it up recently. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you visited my blog today. I love this scarf. It was SO fun to make. I'll go there right now and give you credit.

  4. I really like this. Team colors can be fun here too. Your colors are great.