Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Hush All Around

 winter.png photoAll day today.  The snow started early this morning.  A very fine snow and continued all day till early evening.  There wasn't any accumulation on the roads (thankfully) but the trees were outlined in white, by this afternoon the grass was covered ... it was very pretty.  And there it was ... the hush and that too continued throughout the day.  There's something almost magical about a hush after a fallen snow.  The silence is so profound and you can almost feel it as well.  Like being wrapped in a soft, comfortable blanket (crocheted of course).   In the business of the day there was a peace, it was the presence of the hush.


  1. What a pretty photo. We haven't had any snow yet this year. I know what you mean about the hush of the first snow and it is magical. Hope you are enjoying a pleasant evening. Heather

  2. So pretty! I hope our local mountains get a lot of snow this winter!!! It is beautiful, isn't it?
    xo Kris

  3. Hi Gloria, you bring to mind a lovely recall..
    when the snow and " That Sound " that it all makes even though there is no noise. It is a serenity in the scenes..the " hush of winter"
    love it when that happens..Glad you had a good day. Love your treasured heirloom story....thanks for stopping over...

  4. I'm heading up to your house right now! It all sounds so lovely. Has it ever been so quiet at your house that you could actually hear the snow fall? It's a lovely sound....so peaceful.

    Blessings and hugs always my dearest friend

  5. We've actually had real weather this past week. A full day of rain; clouds, dark days. Perfect time to stay home but sadly we all had to trot off to school every day. But another weekend has arrived and that makes me very happy. Sending warm wishes your way. Tammy

  6. We started out with a super cold and snowy couple of weeks in September and October, and then we got Indian Summer, and now my bulbs have been tricked into coming up again!!! I am quite ready for snow, though. Just doesn't quite feel like Christmas without it!