Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thoughts of today ...

Time Flies

As we return to standard time, gaining an hour ... fall behind.  Loving that hour.  Got up an hour earlier having lost no hour of sleep, prayer time an hour earlier.  Prayers for those affected by Sandy, for the upcoming election, for our soldiers, for our families and friends.  For all of you.

A bit more of time to prepare for the day.  To enter into it through a longer period of quiet.  Can we do this again tomorrow?



  1. Sounds like you had a great start to your day. I love the extra hour too and look forward to a quiet day. Have a blessed Sunday. Heather

  2. Love the extra hour, too. :)

    I pray in agreement with all your prayers...these are difficult times we are in right now, but with this, too will pass.

    I am in complete and total love with cross stitching right crochet hook is giving me a mean look and I won't even begin to tell you what my knitting needles are doing...they are all a little mad at me right now, because all I want to do is cross stitch. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always my dear friend. :)

  3. It is so wonderful when we find a reason and way to steal some quiet moments for ourselves ...

  4. Like you, my internal alarm clock was an hour earlier than the clock. It was nice and oh wouldn't it be nice to do it again tomorrow. Loved the daylight an hour earlier this morning but I shall not like the darkness this evening. It feels an hour later to me so I will be going to bed an hour earlier. This switch always puts me off balance. Hope your Lord's Day is wonderful.