Sunday, June 21, 2009

When I think of summer,

I remember summer in the late 1950's ...

school was out,
the days were lazy,
the katydids sang loudly at night.
Hours were spent absorbed in Nancy Drew books.
Tetherball was a great game, leaving
broken or sprained fingers for most of the summer,
ahhhh, it was great!
We played baseball and soccer and
a two month long game of monopoly. Talk about
bailouts, we kept tally of the money borrowed to
keep us in the game. During the summer no one
was ever out, the same game played from July to
the end of August with the winner being the one
who owed the least.

It was 6 neighborhood kids who built towns
and cities, these also remained all summer, making
them come to life. These were built with
lincoln logs and building bricks (these were like
Lego's only made of wood).

It was dragging dining room chairs
outside and lining them up along
a tree line and pretending it was a
a passenger train.
It was playing outside all day, everyday and
by nightfall waiting for the next day to play again.

It was fun.
It was carefree.
It was a lace curtain blowing in the
gentle breeze from an open window
It was a special time, a special place.


  1. What a difference....the kids(at least my kids) 'What's on Tv?' or 'Its too hot to go outside..let's play our video games all day!'
    When I was a kid, (in the 80's) I lived out in the country, a very small sub-divison of a very small town. I'd go out at about 8:30 and didn't come in until the sun went down. Gram of course would call us home for lunch. Then right back to the game we were playing. Times have sure changed.(Note to myself..Start having your kids go outside more often...they will thank you someday!')

  2. I ment to say the kids today....