Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday

Morning has started, clothes ready for the dryer, dish washer to be unloaded while coffee perking.  Prayers then to start the day to come and then out the door till late afternoon.  Work, work, work.  I am thankful.

A group of crocheters that I belong to are having a sort of doily exchange if you will ... and last week I received this most beautiful doily in the mail.  You can't imagine my delight as I've put away my spring things from the dining room and bringing the blue decor back out so this will fit right in.  Isn't this just gorgeous.  My turn now so I'm getting one ready to take off I hope later this week to its new owner and home. 

 May your day be filled
with blessings and joy.


  1. çok zarif bir model ellerine sağlık.sevgiler.

  2. Hope you have a lovely day, Gloria. Love the doily you received. :)

  3. The doily is so pretty. Can't wait to see yours. :)

  4. Wow--it's beautiful and intricate!