Tuesday, December 18, 2012

IMG_2832These are this year's kissing balls.  It was a truly delightful afternoon.  I didn't get a picture of our other friend's creation as she had to leave early and was gone before I thought about getting the camera out.
The burgandy bow is mine and right now is  hanging from the outdoor lamp post.  The other one is my friend at whose house we did these.  She prepared the most scrumptious lunch for us ... squash soup, bacon-cheese-tomato mini quiches, and apple cake.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  I think we're nominating her as the lifetime hostess for this annual decoration making event.IMG_2835

Yes, it was a wonderful day.  A good memory to look back on. 

I'm having some difficulty getting into the blogging scene, my thoughts and heart seem to center around the families in Connecticut.  I have seen there are some groups out there collecting crocheted squares, etc., to assemble blankets to send.  My current projects will stop for a bit and squares are being started.



  1. These are so lovely. :)

    Can you put the info on your blog about the crochet squares. I think that is a wonderful idea.

    I know our hearts are so broken and there are just no words to express our deep sorrow, but perhaps, with a hand made blanket or two, they will know we are thinking of them....

    Praying without ceasing....that's all I know to do.

    Blessings to you and yours always dearest friend.

  2. I know what you mean Glor, my heart has been heavy too. It is a very difficult thing to digest. Like Stitchy, I've been praying for the community and the families.

    Your decorations turned out so pretty and it sounds like a nice afternoon with friends. Take care, Heather

  3. The kissing balls are beautiful. An afternoon spent creating with wonderful friends is medicine for the soul. As is crocheting squares for a worthy cause. God Bless ! Tammy

  4. I agree with Stitchy... pray without ceasing. That's really all we can do. Well, and makes some squares, too...