Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Winter Barn Scene photo WinterBarnScene.jpg

Wow, almost two weeks since I've found the time to stop by.  Don't ask me where the time is going because I don't know.  Seems like I was just here. 

Tucked in for the night thank goodness, it is horribly cold out with the wind cutting right to the bones.  Looking forward to spending a bit of time with hook and yarn, a nice cup of tea and covered by an in progress afghan.   I need to get out and visit as well.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Have a good night, keep warm.



  1. I'm so glad to know that you are okay. Stay warm and cozy with your afghans, and share when you can.

  2. Hook, yarn, and tea sounds like a good combination to me. It's been horribly windy here of late, truly just cuts right through hats and coat. Plan to spend the day indoors today. Doing a little blog walking this am and found my way here from Crochet by the Sea.

  3. Hiya sister...:) I'm tucked in also working the hook n (yarn) this time..making a hooded scarf..for the craft fair in October...and I found a lovely pattern for a dressy scarf I'm going to try too....hoping all is well.....

  4. Time flies by in a blink for all of us :-) Stay warm and enjoy your evening :-)