Friday, July 26, 2013


Sunflower Popcorn Bedspread Pattern Square
Almost the end of July, how did that happen?  I thought I would be posting regularly again but there went the time spinning by.    Immersed in caregiving and my old stand by, crochet, right by my side.   So many projects, many started, so many want to do.  I've had this nagging to make a bedspread ... yes, a large bedspread and I have been looking at this motif/pattern for quite some time now.  The hot weather of the past few weeks brought this out to start, the yarns put down for cooler days.   Just printed out my 50% off coupon to Michaels to buy another large ball of thread.  I'm sure several will be needed.

Crocheting ... such a comfort.  Still my all time favorite thing to do in quiet moments.

A dear friend will visit this weekend.  One of her friends is cleaning out her mother's crafting supplies and books.  She sent me three Magic Crochet books.  They are beautiful.  My friend tells me now that she is coming with three bags of crochet patterns and books.  A crocheter's dream!  So you know what I will be doing come Sunday night.  Oh goodness ... more projects to start I'm sure.  Oh those crochet hooks ... love to keep them moving!

Hope your weekend is special.


  1. How nice of your friend to think of you with those crochet things!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I know you will enjoy your visit from your friend. How thoughtful she was in thinking of you for the crochet things.

    Love the breadspread motif. How many have you worked so far?

    Blessings to you always dearest friend.

  3. bedspread motif looks beautiful!! Waiting to see your progress. Enjoy the enormous stash you are going to get :)

  4. Ohhh...sounds like some fun "stuff" headed your way. Enjoy! :D

  5. Crochet makes me so happy too, Glor! What would I do without it? I admire you taking on such a big project as a thread bedspread. You'll be so happy and proud of it when it's done. I'm working away on another doily and plan to start a pineapple table runner next. I'm having a hard time sticking with this one I have started and not starting the pineapples. You know how that goes!

  6. That is a beautiful motif. It should make a wonderful bedspread..what you making it? Keep us posted with updates and pics..

  7. Hi Glor. The hexagon motif is a beautiful choice for a bedspread. Have fun perusing all the new crochet books from your friend. :)