Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Saturday Morn

Well, I'm up and about for more then several hours now, rising very early with all kinds of plans in my head for cleaning, washing, cooking and so far I've managed a load of laundry and have produced a cup of coffee and settled here a while ago surfing around looking for pillow patterns.  I may have to break down and order a book as I saw a lovely crocheted pillow sham.

We were fortunate that the predicted ugly storm weather bypassed us giving us instead sunshine along with the cold.  That we can handle.  The sinus ... well that's another story and the reason for the hold-up on the morning activities.  Usually by this time I have most of everything done, off now to tackle one more thing.

Best to your day...


  1. Sinus! UGH..when we turn the heat on this entire process begins...I boil water on the stove to add humidity in the house..Hope you feel better and get your chores done..I'm having a cuppa, washing and then off to work for me...So many fun patterns to choose from...

  2. Good morning Glor - have a great day. :)

  3. Ugh! Laundry! Try Pinterest or Ravelry for a pillow pattern.

  4. Happy Saturday, Gloria, and I hope you've had a great day. I spent the day crocheting owls, putting up my tree, laundry. etc. No decorations on the tree yet, though. Adelyn will help me with that on Monday. The men go hunting the the girls decorate Gramma Rita's tree. :)

  5. Hope you are feeling much better sweet friend.

    Looking forward to seeing your pillow come to life.

    Blessings always sweet friend.