Sunday, November 14, 2010

Victorian Motif - free pattern

Six easy and simple crochet rows for a lovely motif.  I did starch and block one, another one I just shaped by pulling it into shape so it doesn't even have to be blocked or ironed.  I think you can see the difference in the pictures.  As much as I love the window ornament I think my favorite is the package embellishment (pictures below).  Thinking I will add some of these to my Christmas tree as well.   What ever way you choose,  I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do.

Small amount of crochet thread, size 4 steel hook

1. Chain 8, join. Chain 2, (counts as 1st half double crochet), 11 half double crochets in ring, join to top of beginning chain. (12 half double crochets)

2. Chain 3, double crochet in same stitch as join, 2 double crochet in each stitch around, join to top of beginning chain. (24 double crochets).

3. Chain 4, treble crochet in same stitch as join, *treble in next stitch, 2 treble crochets in next stitch* around, join to top of beginning chain. (36 treble crochets)

4. Chain 6, (counts as beginning chain 3 and 1 double crochet), *double crochet in next stitch, chain 3*, around, join to 3rd chain of beginning chain. (36 spaces)

5. Slip stitch into space, chain 1, single crochet in same space, *chain 9, skip one space, single crochet in next space* around, join to first single crochet.

6. Slip stitch into space, 11 single crochet in space, *11 double crochet in next space, 11 treble crochet in next space,* 11 double crochet in next space, 11 single crochets in each of next 6 spaces, repeat from * to *, then 11 single crochet in each of next 5 spaces, join to lst single crochet. Fasten off.


  1. Very pretty glor - I like both ideas. :)

  2. Hi Gloria, beautiful...can't wait to give it a try..thank you for are so special
    please check your email I sent you 2...

    Big Hug

  3. ohhhh thats so pretty and will look smashing on the tree or even hung over a fireplace. I so wish i could make them. Dee ;-)

  4. The link for Santa, there are lots of vintage
    patterns free. I did find though that they didn't include the pants pattern for Santa, that is in the one you pay for, but I managed to eek pants for ol St. Nick...Glad you enjoyed
    the link...These really are pretty Glor, going to work on a few of these for me special little Christmas tree, and a few for the boys of course....:) Thank you....have a beautiful
    special day...

  5. I really like the shape of these,,,something about oval...I love it..and shells/scallops my favorite stitches...ever....:)

  6. Very pretty. I like the idea of the package embellishment also. Thank you!

  7. I can't wait to make a few of these, I am planning on putting up my tree this weekend! Thank you for another great pattern!

  8. This is a lovely pattern, Glo, and so versatile too...I think I'll try it with my white yarn that has the silver metallic thread through it for an ornament for my tree.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Hi Glor, I love this. In fact, I'm gonna write the directions down right now and give it a try while we are at the airport this afternoon. Have a great rest of the week. We'll be back Friday nite and I've preposted over the next several days. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. Just a marvellous simple, but beautiful motif. I will try it too! Thanks for the descripstion, Glor. greetings

  11. Very lovely. Will look wonderful with a victorian rose in the center for a tree ornament. (or any small charm or flower) Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  12. Very pretty! It would look great as deco on an old Levi jacket, right? Or a pair of jeans. I'm going to work on making some of these today, I've been looking for something just like this to do while riding in the car on a long trip. Thanks a bunch for posting the pattern.