Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Begins

Its Friday and, so happy to say, a day off.  The sun is even playing peek a boo.  The tomatoes have been planted and a few plants of basil and cilantro.  My favorites.  Now to watch them grow.

Did the weigh-in thing yesterday with a gain of .4, however, I don't think that's bad and as I've been at this for 13 weeks now I'm realizing that some weeks certainly are better then others.  And as this is now a "way of life" I'm not rushing for the further results.  It will come.  I'm at 15+ pounds lost, its healthier and I still eat what I want! And ... I am now wearing clothes that last summer I couldn't!  Its a positive, no doubt about it.

My Around A Square Doily is finally done.  I did make a few changes to it and this version was done in size 20 thread, measuring 8 inches.  The 20 thread does make for a more lacy look.  The size 10 thread will be about 10 or so inches.  Typing the pattern up and hope to post later today or tomorrow.
Have a most pleasant weekend.


  1. so pretty came out lovely....enjoy your day in the garden..we have sunshine feels so nice..I'm painting the chairs again.....lovely sunny day

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First congrats on the weight loss!! I am looking foward to the posting of your pattern. It is unique and I can hardly wait to do it for myself.

  4. Hi Glor, you don't know how glad I am for the weekend. I don't know what happened last week but school and home were both so busy I didn't have time for anything else. Tomorrow I must clean as all I've been doing is just trying to keep up. :/

    Losing weight, getting healthy definitely has to be a way of life or you won't be successful. Most people just want to do a "diet" for a short time and call it quits. It has to be a lifestyle change. Once you are able to maintain, those little extra treats will be so worth it. Of course, most would say that even my choice of treats are healthy for the most part. Definitely homemade because then you know what's in it.

    The only thing about the weekends around here is the internet getsbogged down with everyone online so can't post anything at the moment. It's already past my bedtime so must sign off now. I look forward to the pattern. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Oh your doily looks so pretty. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend, too. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always

  6. Thank you so much for this pattern. I need some help with round 9. I am confused about what to do when I get to the corner, do I do a dc and ch 3, or just a dc? Thanks so much : )

  7. also, do I chain 3 in between each dc? Thanks for your patience..