Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Joy of The Season

Giving ... from the heart.  There is no treasure worth more.  Priceless, weighted beyond measure. 

Last week, arriving home after a long day to find a card tucked among the mail in the box.  A card that had traveled from far away lands.  A message of holiday blessings and with it a crocheted star.  Delicate and beautifully made.  A treasure.  It will be displayed during this Christmas season to be enjoyed and to remind of a giving heart, of joy received.  It will then take its place in my daily prayer book, a forever treasure.  Thank you dear sweet girl, Tammy.  You are joy.



  1. Hi Glor, thanks for the sweet post. So glad you received the card and little gift. It's good to know that although mail doesn't always make its way to Kuwait in a timely manner, at least it can get out and on its way to you in time for Christmas. Best wishes and blessings. Tammy

  2. a sweet gift of friendship and joy...
    faith Crochet by the Sea

  3. Wonderful card -bet you were so thrilled to recieve it.Maisie.

  4. I've sent you an email, did you recieve it?
    Happy Christmas!

  5. this would be purfect for the service people oversean