Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

“May Peace be your gift at Christmas
and your blessing all year through.”
~ Author Unknown


  1. Love that picture of Lizzy & Grace...they are beauties no? And they look no worse for the wear. May Peace and Joy abound in your day today my sister....

  2. Such lovely words. May all the blessings you bestow upon us daily with your words of encouragement be doubled and sent back to you in full measure with joy added, too. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always

  3. What stitchy said..she has such a way with words..Blessings to you

  4. Hi Glor, my goodness, the days are just passing so quickly and not enough hours for everything I want to do. Those kissing balls you made with friends are fantastic. Last year I put cloves in oranges and placed them on a dish in the living room but have done nothing like that this year. Love the candy dishes you bought. Make a nice little gift with the candy and cards. Isn't it nice when things just come together so well? I love a theme. Your holiday coat story was very nostalgic. My fondest Christmas memory is the year I received a tape recorder. I was 12. I remember taping an entire afternoon of Elvis music on the radio. And of course, at the time, Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton John and Barbra Streisand were my favorites so I made tapes of their music too. It's also the yuear that I taped my Uncle Ed singing a Christmas song. The Huntington's Disease had taken over his body at that point so that he could hardly walk and his speech was slow and stuttered. I still have that tape but no tape player to play it on. :( Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, happy holiday, Tammy