Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning.  I love the early morning hours.  Stopping for a bit, even if ever so brief, to look around and see the blessings about.  The start of a new week and I offer thanks. 

I'm still zigging, zagging and bobbling but slowly getting near to completion.  I think I will be finishing in three more rows and then the edging.  Its another such happy, cheerful ghan.  How I love these.

 Of course, the next project has been selected and the basket sits ready and full when the zigzag bobble completed.  Again, a bounty of color.
On the agenda for this afternoon following dinner at MIL's will be my take along crochet.  Field of flowers.  I love making these flowers.  Only have done three so far.  Taking my time, enjoying the craft. 

Blessings to your day,


  1. The early morn is my favorite, I'm up earlier now, and then when I come to work it is so pretty here, so many birds singing, and even bunny near my house this morning...It is the best time. Looking over my wee garden, and watering for the day..anticipating the little sprouts coming up out of the soil..the best...

  2. Peaceful, quiet mornings are my favorite. Only a day or two more of school and then I am done for the summer. Can't wait! Sounds like you have a nice day in store for you. Take-along crochet is the best. Enjoy! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  3. I think I need to make a field of flowers too, Gloria. :) I just have too many projects that I want to make "right now". LOL Hope you've had a nice day. :)

  4. There is a twist on the designs. More better.

  5. Hope you are having a good week. I finished school today so am now off for the summer. woohoo! I don't know if you do awards, but I've passed the sunshine award your way today. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Where can I get the pattern above for Field of Flowers?