Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toasty Warm Bunting

I dug this out the other day during a crochet lesson and as it has red embroidery and hearts I thought it was appropriate to post for Valentine's day.

Years ago, actually 25 plus, I made this bunting for my son. Its really very simple and although I cannot find the pattern, it is easy to duplicate.
Its done in all single crochet - two rectangles, the back being longer then the front. The single crochet pattern makes it simple to embroider a pattern on the front piece, then line in a "lamb's wool" type material and join front to back with a border edging of single crochet and picots.
When I used this I would put on him a red pram suit, he was soooo adorable. I would get stopped and asked where I got this.
I think I have to add this to my to do list and make a few more.


  1. Your bunting is beautiful, Gloria! You do such beautiful work, and apparently always have! :D Thanks for sharing this with us. I love it!

  2. It's beautiful! How would I find out more about the embroidery aspect of it? I have been wanting to try this on many recent crochet projects, and really have no idea where to begin :)

  3. This is beautiful! I would never have thought to embroider over a crocheted piece. Great idea and so pretty. When I cross-stitch, I love doing patterns that only require one color. And I do love red. Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy

  4. Your son was a little snuggle bunny in this, I'm sure. But the embroidery! What a huge amount of work. My sister is the one who likes embroidery. I like stuff that's faster.

    Best wishes to you.

  5. Joyce embroidering on a single crochet piece is no different then on the cloth ... you would make your cross stitches over each single crochet and use any cross stitch pattern. I hope that helps ... didn't know how to reach you, email me if I can help further. Have a wonderful evening.