Sunday, May 2, 2010

Being Impatient

I haven't had much time in the past several years to garden but I miss the glorious colors of flowers. On the way home today I stopped and picked up a flat of Impatients, they are my favorite. I love when they fill in and they blanket the earth in color. Looking like rain on the horizon I rushed home and got them planted and happily, I thought, before the rain came. And what better time to get them planted but with a warm day (91 degree temp) rain.

I'm beginning to think that the rain is being blown by and rather take the chance of no water on their initial planting I just came in from watering them.

They are planted in a small section to the left of the front steps, to the right is my peony bush which has promised me some beautiful blooms.
By them are the bird feeders. Fully filled waiting for their visitors.

Next to add a few pots of flowers to the steps this week. I should be able to handle taking care of this small amount.

Now, to steal a few minutes in the evening with a cup of tea, doing my evening prayers on the front steps and watching my flowers grow.

Beauty, Blooms and Blessings


  1. I like Impatients too, because they come in so many colors and are relatively easy to grow. They always lend a lovely spot of color to the landscape.
    I actually did a little container gardening this year too because I have more sun - almost too much sun really, but nothing some bamboo shades can't fix.

  2. I love impatiens too...they're so pretty and bloom constantly! I'm a flower lover in general. :D

  3. I just bought a flat of white impatients. I grow them in window boxes because the bunnies like to devour them if they can get to them.

    You have lovely blogs here. I wasn't sure which one to comment on. Thank you for deciding to follow my blog and stopping by to visit!

    Kindly, ldh