Saturday, May 1, 2010

Infant Coverlet

Finally, finally, finally completed! I had finished the little blanket itself back in March (my Crocheted Canvas) and decided it needed to be lined. Well, it has set all this time till today I decided enough was enough and it was high time this project needed to be completed.

The How To:
The blanket itself is nothing more then single crochets ... as wide and a long as you would like. The edging is (1) a row of single crochets around the entire blanket, (2) ch 3, skip one sc, sc in next st around, (3) ch 3 sc in ch loop around, join and finish off. Simple enough!

Pick out a cross stitch pattern, using same ply yarn, cross stitch the pattern. You will be able to count out the stitches, one stitch to one crochet.

A lining not only covers the reverse side of the cross stitch pattern but adds warmth.

As I had added the edging before I put the lining on it needed to be hand sewn on, and as I do enjoy the quietness of hand stitching at times this worked out fine. (Normally with right sides together I would machine sew the lining on, leaving an opening for turning, then press and add the edging.) I had bought a yard of off white quilted fabric and washed and dryed it first.

Cut the fabric the size the blanket (including edging), fold under edges and pin to blanket and sew in place and press.

I had originally thought I would use a lamb's wool type material but I really do like the quilting. I am very pleased with how it turned out and happy to say another project completed!


  1. What an adorable, well made little coverlet. That should last a long time because of its quality workmanship. I really like it! You did a wonderful job with it.
    Happy weekend :-)

  2. Thanks Doris. Welcome home.

  3. Well, you made that sound so easy-peasy!
    I recently made a coverlet for a new Grand- due in June. I have another due in August, ...may try to cross stitch the next blanket...good idea to line it. Doesn't have to be quilted either, it could be flannel or a sheet, huh?

  4. Sure, the lining could be flannel or a sheet, any fabric ... I had never thought of a sheet and I think that would be super. Thanks for that idea.

  5. What a great idea! I haven't ever put a lining on one because I was so intimidated to even try it. You made it sound easy -- but I'm still intimidated. I might just have to give it a try with the next blanket I make and do this very thing with the graph and all. (I am a poster child for the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" so we shall see.) It turned out so cute.

  6. I was wondering if you would show how you finished it. It turned out so beautifully. Can you start on one now with pink accents for my best friend who is due with her 7th child in 5 months? Ha! Just kidding! I will work on that but no good with sewing so not sure how I will finish it. But I do have friends who sew! I can schmooz them into doing it. :) Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Tammy

  7. It's so cute!!!!! You did a great job.

  8. Beautiful! As always I am so impressed! :)