Monday, May 3, 2010

Crochet Share

Look at these wonderful colors! These are the tails that have been cut off of the latest adventure with yarn.

Just love these happy colors, these skeins of yarn are those I had left over from other projects. They are getting put to good use right now.

My girlfriend found this great throw, very easy and very pretty. Three of us are going to make this and exchange squares so we all have a part in each other's throw. Isn't that neat!

The pattern can be found here:
Brightly Colored Throw

There are two different square patterns. Make 28 squares of each pattern (total of 56). So far half way done with one of the patterns.

I just love crocheting and even more so when its shared with wonderful friends.


  1. Very pretty! I read somewhere that a fellow crocheter puts all their bits and pieces through the opening of an empty Kleenex box (the kind with the plastic slit covering) and when it's full then she just tosses the whole thing and none get all over, etc. As soon as I have an empty box, I'm going to try that.

  2. Great idea Bev...thanks for sharing. Waiting for my next empty box as well.

  3. Beautiful, bright colors - have fun with them. :)

  4. So beautiful!!! I love the colors!! Makes me happy!

  5. Lovely colors. I put a pic up of a lamb sweater I made awhile back on my blog. I linked to your site to show the beautiful lamb blanket. Let me know if this is not alright.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments, those yarn ends look like lots of little mulitcoloured worms!
    Nicky x

  7. Hi Glor! Love that you and your friends are sharing granny squares! Sounds like a fun project!.. I was going to encourage you to join in on the stitch along, and I still DO, but you may have your hands full now?.. Well, I hear stormy weather is coming my way, but I hope it's a sunny one for you today! ~tina

  8. Love the bright colors. Love the idea! Love that you shared! Love, love, love the sight and have already downloaded and printed many things. Have a blessed day! :) Tammy

  9. Granny squares bring back memories of being a child. My grandma was always crocheting granny squares to make afghans. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Good luck with yours. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  10. Very beautiful pattern with great, cheerful colors! Nice job!

  11. How wonderful that you've found me, now I've come to find you back!

    frequent flier...sign me up too...i love can look on my blog index on the side bar...for my crochet posts! it really is fun to share a passion!!!

    nice to meet you ... I'll follow...

    do come anytime! my screen is always open!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Love your colorful squares, Gloria! Love the pic of the bits and pieces too. :D

  13. Hi Glor,
    I've read that some crafter's save the yarn tails, and then toss them out for the birds to build their nest with.