Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Unusal Tuesday, off for the morning so enjoying a leisurely start to the day.  Thanks for the comments and suggestions on the last post for my baby blanket.  I think outline/backstitch of the letters may be the answer.  A little cooler day or evening though before I pick up the yarn.

We should hit 100 degrees today.  Not a fan here of these summer heat waves, but with what I hear the temperatures are in the middle east I shouldn't and can't complain.  (I'm sure you'll have to remind me later in the day that I said that!)

On the crafting front, did get some stitching in last night.  I really need to get my few completed pieces finished and display ready.   Adhering to my true blue craft addiction ... a Herrschners sale showed a book of Christmas Cross Stitch (originally $24.95 for 97 cents) and a crochet book also for 97 cents.  Now how could I pass that up?  So, as you can see, I'm waiting with anticipation for the mailman.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stay cool and safe.  See you tomorrow!



  1. It's incredibly hot here too Glor. Enjoy your anticipated parcels, hope you won't have to wait too long. Stay cool and have a great day. :-)

  2. Hope you're keeping cool in such hot weather.
    Our weather has turned cool, now that the Rainy Season has started in ernest.
    The blanket looks so pretty, well done. :)

  3. We've had high humidity the past couple of days. Can't even see out the windows in the morning because of all the condensation. I should be cleaning but have been doing a lot of crocheting and a bit of stitching instead. :) Have a great rest of the day. Tammy

  4. Hi Glor. I don't do cross stitch, but I love your blanket! I am almost done with my afghan I am making for my Mom to put up in the cabin. I need some ideas on doing a simple edging for it. Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love the anticipation of finding a good mail order sale and then waiting for the mailman. Feels almost like Christmas, but without the cold temps!

  6. Happy Tuesday, Gloria! Hope your day is a good one. I'm keeping busy with the usual...laundry, blogging, etc. :) It's a hot, humid one here today too.