Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Early Quit Today

 And quite unusual to be home this early but I certainly will take it!  Shortly will start supper and probably supper for the next few nights.  I love when I can just pop dinner in the micro or on the stove and be ready to eat in minutes.  That's part of what comes with the wonderful Fall weather, so many great things to make that taste even better the next day and with the cooling temps its a pleasure to cook.  Stew, casserole, stuffed peppers all over the next few night's dinners.

Will be posting within the next few days (hopefully sooner ...maybe tonight) my scarf from July's road trip.  Haven't put out a free pattern in a while so I think its about time especially since I have the cooperation of blogger to post at the moment.  This hasn't been tested, but I think it will be easy enough.  I did this with Royale Double Strand Crochet Thread (its like using size 3) and I love the feel and weight of this.  This one will go perfectly with my brown vest, very appropriate for this time of year.  Sadly, I don't have the color name of the thread ... I pulled this from my stash and the wrapper was missing.  I do remember though this was a very large ball and I had paid $1.39, quite a bargain!

Time to fire up the stove, start chopping, mixing and cooking!  See ya in a bit.


  1. Glad Blogger is letting you post right now, Gloria. I know it gets frustrating. Sure do miss your posts though, when you're not around.

    Love the scarf. Such a pretty color! :D

  2. Sounds like you are on a roll :)) The scarf pic is lovely :))

  3. My goodness...was wondering where you had been,. MY blog did not give me your updates!!
    Blogger has been very naughty!!

  4. Yesterday our internet was not working at all. Very frustrating when there is no reason for it. Your scarf is lovely. Great Fall colors. Hope your Wednesday is wonderful. Tammy