Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday

Big time rain for the past two days.  It has certainly cooled the temperatures and brought out the old sweatshirt.  Haven't picked up the hook now in about a week (golly, Dominic's a week plus a day old now ... think that has anything to do with it?) ... but tonight could be a night to work on the Christmas afghan.  Cozy up with a good cup of tea and hook is just what this weather is calling for.  Will have to see what time I get back home.

Weigh-in day tomorrow ... still hovering at the 20 pound loss mark and that's ok.  I'm quite happy with that.  Another 20 to go and I'm hoping to see that happen over the next several months, actually by next spring is my target.  I'm not pressuring myself over it, find that I enjoy the program much more, eating quite healthy and no deprivation at all!   Moving about much easier, its such a good thing!

Time to get moving ... be in touch.

Have a good Wednesday whatever you are doing.


  1. We've been having lots of rain too glor. I don't like it. Hope you get to crochet tonight. :)

  2. It was a sunny day spent gardening , planting spuds and carrots(seeds) , the peas are up and the broad beans are in flower :))
    To early for the toms outside , still could have frosts.
    Not a lot on the craft side of things :(
    Hope your evening went well :))

  3. The weather has been sunny warm during the day and now cool in the evening and morning. It was 58 here this morning. Kind of feels good but kind of nippy too. I think fall is not far around the corner.

    Congrats on the weight loss! I'm trying the Body By Vi shakes. We'll see how that goes. :o)