Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Day

Looks like carpel tunnel may be the thing although nerve testing is the next step ... figured that.  They did take x-rays of my neck though and found that the space between two of the vertebrae is closing in so that may be adding to the numbness and symptoms or even causing the symptoms.  The tests will determine which.  Don't see this all happening too quickly so something "to do" over the winter months, but glad I finally got moving on this.  Have to make sure these hands are good for crocheting!

Planning on visiting a dear friend this weekend.  It should be a more then a pleasant drive with the coloring of the trees right now.  A nice time to go visit.  Looking forward to this.  This is a 40 year friendship, a treasured one.  One of the blessings of my life.

Hope your day is a good one.

God bless.   


  1. yikes..hope all goes well with the neck thing..sounds scary to me..

  2. I have a friend that had the problem with the neck vertabrae and just had surgery not long ago and she's good now! Her hands were going to sleep.

    Enjoy your visit! Old friendships are treasures for sure. xoxo

  3. Sorry to hear that you're having such troubles. Take care of yourself!

  4. I hope your doctors will get it all figured out. Enjoy your time with your friend.