Friday, October 28, 2011

Where has a week gone?

Last post was a week ago.  Hmmm, let's see what has happened since then.  I have been blessed ... spent the weekend with a very dear friend.  As always, it was a time of enjoyment and refreshment.  Returned to closet and house cleaning.  A ride in the fall crispness and this lovely visit was inspiration to getting the house prepared for the holiday season.  In years past one of my Christmas trees would always make an appearance on Halloween ... yup, you read that right ... Halloween.  I would usually decorate from October 31st straight through to December 22.  Recent years have found elder care and illnesses diminishing the amount of decorating but I have to say our little grandpumpkin has put a new spunk into the mixture.  I rather doubt a tree will appear this coming Monday, but then you never know!  I did do some Christmas shopping yesterday.

On the crochet front ... my Christmas whimsyghan is completed, but not to my liking as I had expected.  A few ends to weave in yet, then to the wash and most likely put away for a time.  Maybe at another time I will like it more (but I really don't think so). 

The granny square has bitten again and now the hook has taken off  with the  Afghan Squared pattern by Lion Brand.  So I "shopped" my stash and found these lovely colors I had gotten quite some time ago.  A win, win as I love the pattern and the yarn was right there on hand!  

And ... saving the best for last ... army boy on his way for two week leave.  Here tonight, meeting his new little Godson for the first time.  My little family, all together.  My heart is full.


  1. That's wonderful Glor. What a blessing to have your family together this weekend; enjoy your time with them. Heather

  2. Oh, how exciting to have your family together. Enjoy your time with them...I know you will. :)

    What don't you like about your whimsy afghan? Looks pretty nice to me. :)

    As always, please tell your army boy I thank him for his service.

  3. Yay!! Welcome back to your son!!

    I like your granny square colors. =)

  4. I'm having a prob with posting so I'm using anonymous. Please tell your son "thank you for his service" from me. I know you'll be full of joy when he arrives! Love the granny square colors. I hope you stop by my blog and leave a comment to be entered into my giveaway!

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  5. All great stuff Glor! Enjoy your "army boy."

  6. Wonderful news Glor, enjoy the time with your family:))

  7. Oh Glor I am so happy for you right now. So very glad that Army boy is heading home for a visit and that your family will all be together. Blessings to each and every one of you. Love your afghan, it's very pretty...and the granny square is cute, too. Can't wait to see what you make next. :)

  8. Enjoy time with your son. I'm working on granny squares at the moment, too. They work up so quickly. Your Christmas blanket will be nice and cozy once the holiday season rolls around. Have a great new week. Tammy

  9. How nice to have your boy back home. Is he in Afghanistan or Iraq?

    I'm not posting a lot either. I have been so busy at work. (can't blog at home, having computer issues)

  10. I like the last part the best, too! I like your whimsyghan. I think the colors of the stripes are perfect. But I've made things I ended up not liking when done, too, so I certainly understand.

    Enjoy your time with your son!

  11. Your whimsyghan is delightful - I love the colors.
    Hope you fall in love with it!