Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where the stash is ...

The CAL is coming along nicely.  Its a very easy pattern and yet looks so much more so.  I love how the double crochet front posts make this look.  There certainly will be more in the making! 

A very sweet pattern for Valentine's Day ... I adore this little heart.  A wonderful insert in cards of the day.   I will also be using as an embellishment. Pattern here.
A few special little misses will be getting these little totes for Valentine's Day.  They will be filled with crayons, hair accessories and trinkets ...

(unable to get the link for this little darling right now due to blogger issues.)

And embellished with the lovely heart.  I am looking for an initial pin/charm to put in the center of the thread heart.

Sunday Blessings


  1. Everyone's star afghan is beautiful! And I love the little pink tote bags you made. My grand girls would love those too!!

  2. all so pretty, tha hand surgery does a girl good....:) keep on moving....

  3. Oh, what a beautiful blanket. I was going to CAL with everyone but just haven't gotten started. Thank you for posting the heart link. You are right that is SOOO cute. You inspire me to do something for the grandkids.

  4. Everything is lovely, Gloria. The fpdc stitches do add a nice touch to your blanket. :)

  5. Love the little purses.. The hearts are a sweet touch ..