Saturday, March 31, 2012

Much ado today following two days of post carpal tunnel relaxation.  Washer waltzing, dryer spinning and overall pick me up with a spray here and mop there. 

Have reworked my newest doily pattern with possibly a different edging.  Have to think on that for a bit.  Funny how different thread makes and colors can change the sizing so much.  The second doily done in a lavender is a bit smaller then my original try in the blue.  But, like them both.  Thank you for the wonderful names. Still deciding on that as well.   Hope to get the pattern published later this week.

Hard to believe that Palm Sunday is tomorrow.  It has arrived so quickly.  We now enter the most holy week of the year.  My wishes for abundant blessings on all.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.
With His Love,


  1. Glad your surgeries are now behind you, and you are on way to recovery. Don't over do it now!!!