Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glorious Sunday

Blue, blue skies, high 70's temps, just weather of perfection and ideal for planting before going out today.
Just a dozen tomato plants at the home front, but more then enough to provide lots of delicious summer salad delights.   Son and DIL has 64 plants so the crop this year will be large.  Mmmmm.  Their garden has peppers, leeks,  cabbage, beans, basil (lots of basil) ... there's nothing like fresh and home grown.
The peonines are getting ready to pop.  Several days of rain last week and the lush green grass is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant color. 
 I haven't yet put any flowers in the pots.  I only have a few on the front steps now and truth be told they may be filled with silk flowers.  I'm still deciding.  I'm just looking for touch of color and happy and I think the silks may just do it.  They're quite self sufficient you know.  Fits into the schedule of the times.

Two of my favorite flags.  They make me smile.

As does my zigzap bobble ... I did restart and am doing in double crochet.

And of course, I have found my next project ... take a look at the one Pammy Sue  (Scotty's Place) is doing.  I love this and will be still be working from the stash!  Have a wonderful Sunday ...

Blessings of the Day,


  1. OHHH I love your flags they are pretty. Also the peonies!!
    Shari :)

  2. I'm assuming your son and DIL can. That is a lot of tomato plants! I wish I had room and enough sun for a garden. Love your flags, specially the first one.

  3. Lovely post...your ripple is lovely.

    Heading to Pammy Sue's to check it all out now.

    Blessings to you and yours always

  4. Garden Fresh, can't be beat..Wonderful bounty from the earth..It is fun to stop and think about the simple things which give us joy isn't it.? Have a great sister friend.

  5. I knew I forgot something..the Peonies...what a wonderful aroma and they are lovely. Last year I bought some roots I guess they were, 3 of them in a pkg. 1 came up this year and is about 1" high. I transplanted it to a better local where it can get sunshine, looking forward to the year I hope.

  6. Oh, boy, I hope you are going to get a lot of photos of your peonies! I love those! Of course, I love just about all flowers...

    The ripple afghan is looking good, but my oh my, that flower afghan is going to be just gorgeous! Can't wait to see what color scheme you are planning.

  7. Veges from the garden last so much longer than anything you buy in the store. Hubby brought tomatoes home from the mosque and they lasted for weeks on the counter which is very unusual in our climate. Things normally spoil pretty quick. And I had a bag of fresh romaine lettuce that lasted for weeks in the fridge -- we got a lot of salads out of the three heads we had. If I had brought it home from the grocery store and put it in the fridge, still would have been bad within days. Weather is looking lovely where you are. We are in the midst of an awful dust storm -- orange skies. Yuck! Have a great week. Tammy