Friday, September 14, 2012

Crochet Time

IMG_2667The hooks are happily moving for the Crochet Alongs that I am doing with 8 squares almost completed for the daisy ghan and 22 squares for the Sarafia ... and ... I have to say that I've got another flower granny waiting in the wings.  A pink and black requested by my DIL ... IMG_2670 I think this will be part of her Christmas presents.  Will be on the lookout for lounging pajamas to match.  The pattern can be found at Mille Makes.  She found this on pinterest but with no pattern so figured one out and very generously has shared what she calls Something Pretty.  So very appropriate.

So now, I'll be back to three going at once again, but the Sarafia should be done in the not too distant future. 

So many beautiful patterns to crochet.  Will keep me and my hook(s) happy for a long time! 

Welcome to the weekend, blessings in abundance.


  1. the hook is a busy one, producing beautiful colorful warming wonderful gifts....lucky recipients..a busy hook is a happy hook. I'm making progress on the Irish Rose Doily, and am into the doily portion, it is beginning to have a shape, and I am encouraged on...field trip today...taking the hook with me in the car....don't we all? But of course...

  2. They're looking good glor - I especially like the pink and black square. :)

  3. You have been super busy! :)

    Love, love the pink and black daisy square. So beautiful. Your DIL will just love it!

    Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend filled with many blessings my dear friend. :)

  4. Hi Glor, looks like some fun projects you are working on. I love the green, pink and white grannies, they look so refreshing. I'm sure your DIL will love her blanket, matching pj's sound perfect to accompany it. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. Heather

  5. Hello :) They all are simply wonderful, I dont know how you manage to work on so many all at once. I'm partial to the daisy afghan, love the colors and they are so cheerful. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend :)