Saturday, October 17, 2009

Between Meal Centerpiece

I may possibly have an order (my very first) for this doily / centerpiece and if not I wanted to make another one anyway. I'm waiting to hear the size of the doily that is needed and then see if I can tailor this to accomodate that size. Actually I am hoping that by using a smaller hook I will be able to achieve the size as I really would like to keep all the rows as they are so beautiful to the finished piece.

Its from 1917 and an amazing piece of work. This one I made several years ago and at that time it was the biggest project I had yet to tackle in thread. Seven rows were done tonight ... 53 to go! I was talking with a woman today who has made 10 of these with the 11th started! Wow! She completes one in one to two weeks. I think I will need at least double that time. Would be more then pleasantly surprised if I could do this within a week or two. Time will tell, however, I'm not looking to push but to enjoy the pattern. I love old patterns and would love to find more, just can't get enough of them.


  1. It is such a beautiful doily, Gloria. I have never made one, but I know of several "list ladies" who have. Yours is gorgeous, and I hope you do get an order for one. :o)

  2. Hello Glor,
    I am happy to announce that you are the winner of our October "First Friday Freebie" contest! I was not able to find an email address for you, so I commented here.
    Please email me at cutecrochetATgmailDOTcom
    and give me your postal mailing address. After I hear from you, I will post regarding your win on my blog:
    I will wait to hear from you!
    Thank you,