Monday, December 21, 2009

Treasures of The Season

I got home this evening to find this box in the mail and inside found the most beautiful treasures. This is from a member of our "prayer family". So very generous and caring is she. The car pendant of our Lord Jesus, so very special - the ultimate, the cardinal (I love cardinals!) and a heart ornament, just beautiful ... and look inside.
All so beautiful, so meaningful. Thank you so much, my heart has been touched.
Oh yes, I also have to mentioned the wonderful bag of cookies ... snow balls, russian tea cakes are a few of the names I know them by ... simply delicious.


  1. What lovely unexpected gifts -- always the best kind. Mexican wedding cookies, snowballs, Russian teacakes, sandtarts -- are a favorite around here. I've made so many in the past month and will likely make more tomorrow. I've copied some of the crochet patterns you've shared. Thanks so much for posting all your crocheted goodnes! Holiday blessings :) Tammy

  2. Such lovely gifts, Gloria. I can tell they are very much appreciated. :)