Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Start

The air is a nice cool 59 degrees. Refreshing from the past few days high temperatures which will return later today. Also refreshing is the quiteness of the early morning hours. Nice to start the day ever so slowly, to enjoy some time of stillness before the day takes hold and is running full steam.
A pleasant weekend with an afternoon of visiting those I hadn't seen in a long time ... she had just ordered 29 skeins of yarn, another yarnie. Its fun to share the addiction!
Haven't even had breakfast and thinking of tonight's fare ... our tomatoes are ripening and six are waiting to be made into a big salad with fresh basil. Mmmm, crusty French Bread and I'm set - my totally most favorite summer meal.
Time to kick into gear.
have a wonderful day
and start to the week.


  1. A few wonderful things..thank you for letting me partake in them w/ lovely. quietness,stillness.....oh how perfect..and 59 degrees...I'll take an order of that too...PERFECT...good sleeping weather. Cooler here to, but not to that delight...Happy Day
    Beautimous day to you.....gonna move my hook today...I hope

  2. Dinner sounds fabulous! Weather is better today here in OH too. At least it isn't humid and rainy. Best wishes to you for the week ahead :) Tammy