Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Morning

Off to work shortly. Supposed to get rain today, hope so, the leaves are starting to fall with all the dryness of late. Too early for the trees to bare. We won't have a pretty fall if this keeps up.

Been working on organizing my yarn stash ...good golly, there's more yarn then I thought. I have enough to take me through next winter (maybe more, not finished yet). The problem though is when a pattern appears that you don't have the right colors or enough ... I'll be on the lookout for patterns to use up what I have and hopefully keep me from purchasing additional yarn (yeah, right!). There's something about yarn and it seems there are always new colors to ohhh and ahhhh at.

Anyway, you have a wonderful, blessed day. Back in a few.


  1. You're not alone. I think there are many of us in the same boat. I don't even want to inventory my yarn because then I'll realize what I DON'T have and want even more!!!!

  2. Have a great day glor - and remember - we can never have "too much" yarn. :)

  3. You can never have too much yarn!

  4. I'm trying to use up my stash of crochet thread
    I'm running out room.....have a beautiful day...

  5. ha, ha, ha, I was going though that same thing on Monday having to reorganized/clean up my yarn "mess" all over the apartment because we had an inspection, so I put everything away in bins and boxes and now, God forbid, I have to find something - here I go again. HELP! My apartment is too small for my stash!

    I found this free pattern for this lovely Peacock Afghan in tunesian crochet. I made it my personal challenge to use only the yarn that I have on hand and not buy any new, so, it will look similar, but not the same...wish me luck!

    Happy weekend!