Saturday, July 3, 2010

And in this corner ...

What surrounds my crochet corner at this moment ...

a new crochet favorite adding to my love of the granny square...

...a granny ripple or as called by The Garden Bell,,

the O.A. pattern...

A doily rework...
 and white baby granny.

I am loving this ... gotta run, things to do so I can get back to crocheting this.
Happy Saturday,
Happy Crocheting!


  1. oooh so very pretty....pick a project I like that...have a great w/e...

  2. I like the colors you are using for that granny afghan pattern. The bolder colors look so much better with that pattern - it really shows of the imaginary "steps" up and could even look like a South West design. Very nice!

  3. Glor, everything is so pretty! I am especially in love with your granny ripple...the colors are just so yummy!!!

    Love ya friend!

  4. Lovely crocheting! I wish I could make doilies as fast as you do! I take for ever. Someone commisioned me to make two and I'm not even done with half of the first one.
    Great granny ripples, in very cheerful colors! :)

  5. Lovely!!!!. I am in love with the granny ripple. I have got to make one after seeing yours.

  6. Very pretty - I love those colors. :)

  7. Wow the granny ripple blanket is cute!

  8. I like the multi-color stripe/blanket a lot.