Friday, April 15, 2011

A Friday in Spring Time

Its official!  I know spring arrives in March, the temperatures have been rising, the birds are happily singing but yesterday confirmed spring!  The sound!  The tractors are out in the orchard.  Its a most welcome sound every year.  The blossoms will appear soon, a magnficient sight to behold.  Acres upon acres of white flowering trees.  God's country.   I need to start carrying my camera to capture the awakening.  When each season comes I always think there's nothing as beautiful as this season, and then of course the next season appears with my same thoughts.  What blessings.

I'm tossing out my yarn scraps when I go downstairs this morning.  I've been reading some blogs of those saving their scraps for the bird's nest building.  I have never done that before and excited about it.  I hope they use them.  Its the simple things that bring such happiness.

On the horizon ... the dreaded weigh-in.  LOL ... not really.  I'm not sure that I've lost, yesterday I would have thought so, had the skinny feeling, but today not so much.  However, do have what they call a Non Scale Victory (NSV), clothing is fitting differently and that's a very nice thing. 

Nice to have a few hours home today.  As of late schedules have been very busy.  Will be puttering around the house, letting in some of that sunshine and fresh air and watching for my little feathered friends to come and get their yarn scraps.  And oh yes, there's always a bit of crocheting to be had.

Fabulous Friday Blessings


  1. Stitchy Mc Floss :)April 15, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    Happy Friday!

    The scrap yarn really works. I threw out a few last week and only one remains on the lawn. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day filled with many blessings :)

  2. Good morning Glor! Isn't the new season always so pretty and welcome! And in my blog browsing, I am noticing just how different each of our own areas is, at bringing in the new season. I have tossed out yarn scraps before, as well as dryer lint and found it in my nests. That is the most fun, to find it in a nest in your own yard. Enjoy the day, and good luck on the scales. I have had a very hard week with my weight loss. So I am not expecting a loss this week!!
    : (

  3. There is a nest on a fence post right outside my patio door. They have a very colorful nest..MY grandsons noticed it over the weekend.

  4. Hi! I'm glad Spring is finally rearing it's beautiful head. I can't throw scraps out, I'm afraid Leo would think they're for him. :o) xoxo

  5. It is amazing what the birds use in thier nests :)) yours will be colourful ..
    Lots of pics from the orchards please, apple blossom time is magic :))
    have a great weekend ..

  6. Lovely post Spring is a wonderful time of year. Its the weekend here now i am a bit behind with my post so have a lovely weekend and enjoy doing your crochet, dee x