Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning

The chorus outside is amazing this morning.  I can't even begin to try and imagine how many birds are out there and how busy they must be.  The chirping is so happy and refreshing.  They must be building their nests, whistling as they work!  The trees are budding, tulips and daffodils are sprouting ... the wonderful signs of spring.

And inside the needle has been humming.   My Easter SAL is coming along nicely.  I can see that the hot summer months will now have cross stitch as well as thread crochet in them. 

Have a good day! 



  1. Pretty picture with your post. Lots of sweet things. I had those same thoughts about the birds yesterday morning. I stood at the door to the deck just listening, so many different songs, a constant chorus, beautiful.
    Our daffodils and tuiips are winding down here. They were beautiful. Your Easter SAL is really cute. Thread crochet? Looking forward to seeing pictures. Do you have projects already in mind? Hope your day is beautiful!

  2. Great progress with your cross-stitch glor - the bunny looks cute. :)

  3. Oh your bunny is just so sweet! He's coming along so nicely. :)

    I am with you on the cross stitch and crochet this summer. After being away from cross stitch for a while, it's really nice stitching again. :)

    Blessings always

  4. Here too is so lovely, they sound so happy food is plentiful, they have water for the bath....busy gathering for their homes...such joy....

    your cross stich so cute, you do beautiufl work..

  5. Oh yes! do I hear you there!
    this morning at 5:00....I was immersed in a concert of birds singing their sweet melodies! I swear, they were putting on a show! just such a gorgeous way to wake up in my books!

    happy needling! I have not touched my crochet hook in so long...I wonder if I remember how to hold it! lol.....just kidding..of course I will...I think I was born with it in my hands...instead of a silver spoon you know!!!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina