Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday

A little of this and a little of that ...

 the cross stitch is completed (I did leave out a little bird, I may or may not put him in), the blanket has grown some and a new project is about to be started. 

I did decide to outline a bit of my rabbit as the white didn't show up well on the cloth I used.  One strand of black and it made him pop!  Need to decide if he's a pillow or ornament.

The third repeat is almost completed.   I think I would like one of these for myself in multiple colors.  Its coming out quite soft and is very cozy.

Plan on starting this tomorrow night.  I'm not sure yet whether to do in the 6 month or 12 month size.  Looks a little bit complicate so I'm sure I will be taking my time.  The little guy is due the beginning of September ... I'm thinking the 6 month size would maybe be good for the first of the year?  Been so long since a baby has been around, I just plain forgot!

Still watching those leaves as they are open more every day.   Gonna catch them this year!


  1. Love that easter bunny cross stitch...and the colors of your crocheted blanket are really nice as well.

    I remember looking at the trees here when they were budding a long time ago...
    I can't believe how green everything looks here already as if it were full fledged summer time...compared to other folks (i.e. Wisconsin) who recently got snow...brrr...

  2. What a darling little bunny. I agree that the outlining really added to him and helped us see him better. I think he's just adorable.

    I like your blankets too -- can't wait to watch you progress on your new project. It will be loved by the recipient, I am sure.

  3. aaawww lovely bunny cross stitch and so neat ;-) Love the little babygrow very cute, i think 6 months is a good age as so many people seem to buy for the first 0-3 months. Enjoy it and Easter weekend to, dee x

  4. You finished your bunny in time. :) I always hated the backstitching but it sure does give definition to a project. I prefer one color projects now with no backstitching at all. :/ The baby blanket is coming along nicely. I never did finish the hdc one I was working on. Lots of projects to work on.

    I love black beans but sadly, it has been months since they've had any in the grocery store here. Boo! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy PS we have dust again. Ugh!

  5. Love your little bunny x-stitches, it's so lovely! I also love your blanket, the colors ans the stitches look so cute and, wonderful for a baby!!!
    Hope you have a great day and enjoy Easter weekend!!! xox

  6. I love your bunny, he'd look cute as either an ornament or a pillow and your baby blanket is coming along so pretty too. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on the baby outfit as it looks like it uses similar stitches to the afghan I'm making as a wedding gift. Have a great day Glor!

  7. I love how the trees seem to change hue before they open up, they look as though they are coming alive in the soft hues of green, pretty. Your craftin is coming along
    little fella will be ever so cute decked out in all his finery...The bunny so whimsical and cute...

  8. Love your spring cross stitch Glor! You always have something fun in the works. I put my blanket down that I was crocheting, when my grandson had two weeks off school, and have yet to pick it back up. But today, I shall!!

  9. I love your bunny! The blanket is beautiful too.

  10. I love the bunny! He is just so sweet. I really like how he pops with the outline. Great job! :)

    Oh that baby outfit is so charming. I can't wait to see that cables on the legs. Oh that will be fun. :)

    Love the blanket, too. So pretty. :)

    Blessings to you and yours and sweet baby to be, too. :)

  11. I held my breath for a moment before I whispered to the screen as if you will here, oh my how sweet. I never made anything from the leaflet, but the sweater and hat If you run into a snag free free ask me. I remember just taking it row by row and it works out. If you really look at it it looks scary hard. I am not that talented and mine came out really well.