Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Morning

Stepping out in a few.  Do have a finished cross stitch, hope to get a picture later to share.  I think I have found the potholder I was looking for too, finally!  I have several other stitching that I want to do too but the the fingers are get itchy for the hook as well.  Will be taking a short trip this weekend so looking for a crochet take along ... doily maybe, or maybe I'll find that summer airy shawl.  I do have a shawl lined up for much cooler weather (thanks to Stitchy McFloss), will share that link later as well ... mention was made of a possible crochet shawl crochet-a-long, do I hear of any interest?

 In the mean time,
 have a good day,
blessings and joy. 


  1. Hi Gloria,
    I just finished one of your doily patterns this morning. It was the November Doily of the Month. It is part of my sister's birthday present. My husband does wood turning and made her a segmented box out of purple heart. So I thought a doily would look nice underneath it. Thanks for the pattern. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. Glad to hear you are getting an itch to crochet again. I've never made a shawl, so will be interested to see what you had in mind for a Crochet Along.

  2. Enjoy your trip this w/e., and catching up with the projects...

  3. ps...that is from me, Faith @ Crochet by the Sea...

  4. Happy day to you! You certainly are getting a lot of projects finished of late. I think I am gonna do another trellis shawl like I did before. It's a really easy pattern. Maybe I can scan and email it to you. I'll have to find the pattern first. :/ I look forward to seeing your completed cross-stitch. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Can't wait to see the stitchy pics...and yes please (I am standing up jumping up and down) I will do the CAL. :)

    Hope you have a great trip. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always. :)

  6. You always post the sweetest pictures of flowers...so lovely!

    Wishing you a fun trip and personally I like potholders for easy take along because I don't like to strain my eyes with thread crochet - too tiny for me. Have a wonderful week and a safe trip!

  7. Enjoy your trip, Glor!
    Love and many blessings on your way! xo

  8. Have a great trip!

    I may enjoy a CAL, but I can't pull off a shawl as much as I would like to...so I'd have to see if it was something I could make for someone else. ;-)