Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Night Irene

and thankful to say that.  Hurricane Irene came and is almost gone with minimal effect.  A large limb across the driveway, lots of twigs and branches and leaves swirling about, saw and drove through some flooding, but again minimal.  Every so often strong wind gusts are still coming through and I expect some more fallen limbs at the very least but the predictions are good ... sun for tomorrow.  Actually, the sun popped out for a little bit this afternoon and for the most part dried up the roads.  A bit more then an hour north of New York City, not too far from the Hudson River, we weren't sure what was in store, at least by what we were being told.  Last night the grocery shelves were bare as were the streets.  It was good that people paid attention, made their purchases and retreated to their homes.

Many were not as fortunate as we were.  My heart goes out to them, I will keep them in prayer.

It takes a day like today to realize what we have and what really matters.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take care, be safe.


  1. Glad you made it through the storm with minimal damage. My Mom is in central NC and they just had the rain and wind with tree debris. Take care Glor.

  2. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all , stay safe :))

  3. Stay safe and god bless Glor.

    Melanie x

  4. So glad to hear you and yours are ok. Prayers going out for all the others, too. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always. :)

  5. Glad to know you're OK, Gloria. Brian left yest. to go to NJ to help restore the power there. He's expected to be gone a week. Clayton misses daddy, but he knows daddy is doing something very important...and he thinks of him as a hero of sorts. :)

    Any grandbaby news yet?! :)

  6. Glad you made it through ok Glor. I didn't realize you lived in NY. I was born in Elmira. I've never been to your part of the state but I've heard it's beautiful. One of these's on my bucket list. :o)