Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday

 A cross stitch finish.  My third one for Fall, my favorite season.  Just hope that I can get them finished and ready for display to enjoy.  Busily going through designs I have downloaded to select the next one.  Not sure whether another Fall, maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I also have to begin to tackle the Winter design I purchased ... the one that is large and that I wanted to work on over time.  Let me tell you, it will certainly be over time.  But's that a story for another day.

As in my previous posts, my next project will be a shawl, actually I hope to make two shawls.  One for the warm weather, nice for summer evenings when there's a bit of coolness and one for the winter months.  Stitchy McFloss suggested a red heart shawl and I love it.  Looks like it would be cozy and comfy for the cold weather.  You can find it at .  I think we'll do a crochet-a-long on this one probably sometime around/after September.

For the summer type shawl I have been looking for some airy, light, almost flimsy pattern and after searching for quite a bit decided to grab something out of my stash and a size N hook and wing it. I found two different double strand crochet threads.  The peachy came from Walmart a few years ago, on sale for something like $1.39.  And the blue Royal came from the Dollar Store.  Those I have 5 or 6 of.  I'm letting the hook do its own spin and see where this goes.  Its going to be simplistic with probably only single and double crochets.  I may even try a size 10 thread to see what that does.  I think this will be my car project for the weekend.

So that's the needle and hook adventures of the moment.  Moving that hook, threading that needle, such a really great thing!


  1. Wow...I want your kind of Dollar Stores! I've never seen thread in our Dollar Stores here. I went into AC Moore yesterday and was disappointed. I was almost out of my #3 Antique or Off White and they had none! The lady said they were getting ready for inventory and letting everything go down before ordering more. So I rooted around and lo and behold...someone had stashed one behind another color...only 1. So I'm probably going to have to order some online. Hope you're having a wonderful day! xoxo

  2. What a sweet little bird and pumpkin! That's a great fall finish! I am so glad you are still stitching. :)

    Hmmm so we are gonna get to have a CAL around/after September! Yay! I am glad you put it off a little (you know I only have a billion things going at once-but that's business as usual for me.) :)

    I can't wait to see your "wing it" shawl. I think thread shawls are awesome. I love the lace look.

    You are too sweet with you lovely comment on my blog. I think it's the best compliment anyone has ever given me...thank you. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings to you and yours always. :)

  3. That is a nice cross-stitching. Just the right size to be able to finish fairly quickly. Have fun with the shawl. I love how you just make things up as you go along. I do that too but wish I could think more outside the box than I do. And I don't feel comfortable with mixing colors and patterns like some folks. Hope your day is great. :) Tammy

  4. wow, wish we have dollar store in london, you are so lucky. I cant wait to see your results.

  5. I love the shawl pattern and cant wait to see updates of the two you plan on doing.