Monday, August 29, 2011

What Happens on Monday?

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Ahhh, crochet ... oh boy oh boy, do I enjoy that ...

Pulled out my Christmas afghan that I started last year, want to have it for the holidays this year.  Our little one's afghan is growing so that should be done shortly (and no, he's not here yet, his due date was yesterday, in a way I was grateful that he stayed put during the hurricane).

And most of all, what do I enjoy ... the stars, the sun, the moon ... all that is around me.  The crispness of the air that tells me Fall is in the not to distant future.  Such beauty, blessed by Him and ours for the taking.



  1. Both afghans are looking very nice. Too funny about your Christmas afghan, I almost started that one myself.

    Glad you all made it through the hurricane no the worst for wear and praying for all those who were not so blessed.

    Blessings to you and yours always. :)

  2. Oh, just look at those beautiful Christmas granny squares! They're beautiful already, just like they are!.. As for the damage Irene has caused here, we had some loss of power for a while and that was it, but just down the street from me, you wouldn't believe it if you saw it. We're dry as a bone here, and building there are flooded right up to the roofs.. just down the street. I've never seen anything like it around here. Right at the moment, we're just grateful to have power, and they're asking us to conserve water.. Anyways, love the baby blanket, the beautiful flowers, and so nice visiting with you again too! ~tina