Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flower Power and Some Inspiration

IMG_2721IMG_2722My next in line ghan project is the daisy ghan I'm working on with Stitchy. This one too will be going to a friend who has been dealing with cancer for a very long time so I am now working to try and get this done quickly.

The only difference from this and the pink and white one I made a while back is that this one's flower has twelve petals, 4 more then the pink and white one.  So far I have gotten 22 squares done.  Not sure if 44 squares will complete it.  I'm thinking I may want it bigger.  Will see as I add squares.


I also going to look for a chemo cap pattern and look to donate at our local treatment center.  My inspiration comes from Sandy of Sunflowerz Crochet.  She had been making these and now has recently become a family caregiver.  Thank you Sandy for sharing your thoughts, they have touched my heart. 


  1. Your blanket is awesome....I know it will be much loved.

    Blessings always my dearest friend

  2. Once again, such beautiful stitchery! I love, love, love the rainbow colors! :)


  3. What a wonderful destination for the afghan you now are making. I hope you will share photos of the chemo hat you end up making, too. Thanks for focusing on cancer; I know people battling this horrible disease truly appreciate it.