Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting and Crocheting

IMG_2742Waiting for the storm.  Sandy is supposed to show her effects late tomorrow into Tuesday.  Hoping (and praying) that this is not as bad as they are predicting.  While waiting I will have the hook moving. 

I am currently working on another wool eater which will be a gift.  Shades of purples and greens.  Its been a while since I made mine so I am totally enjoying this again.  Its such a great, heavy blanket.  I just love mine, hope the recipient of this will feel the same.
Started the Holiday Cables Throw which is the 2nd Christmas freebie provided by Red Heart. 
I am so pleasantly surprised at how easy this has been so far and what a beautiful afghan.

I am doing this in the aran/ecru color but I will have to have one sometime in the future in the red.

Either one of these ghans is such a wonderful treat for the cold months, all warm and cozy.

Thinking of you all along the east coast.  Prayers for everyone's safety.


  1. Both of those afghans are gorgeous! I am wishing you safety through hurricane Sandy!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Oh your cables throw is coming out so pretty! I love it and surely you will make another one in red! :) The one in greens and purples look like in catherine stitches? Very beautiful! Your crochet work is fantastic as always!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh, I love your wool eater, the colors are lovely.
    Your Crochet Cables afghan is coming along nicely. I am working on mine as well...I'll try to take pics soon.

    Wishing you and yours many blessings always my dearest friend.

  4. i hope everyone is safe from sandy.... love the shade of purple by the way.
    take care

  5. Oooohhh those are some lovely afghans...the wool eater makes a lovely pattern, and I like the color combinations...It looks 3 dimensional in the picture. The other one with the cables....looks daunting...but you are doing a beautiful job there sister....Grace is on the way to help Lizzy if needed....they are probably out dancing and singing in the rain...those two....

  6. Both afghans are looking so pretty. I love the colors you've put together in the wool eater. Take care glor. :)

  7. Love the afghans, Gloria. They're both gorgeous! Hope you aren't affected too badly by the hurricane. We, too, are waiting. We know it's on its way. :O

  8. I hope and pray you and yours are okay today, through the storm. I hope it leaves you safe and that the crocheting on your lap keeps you warm!

  9. Those afghans are so beautiful. Love the colors.

  10. I love the cable throw. It would look great in just about any solid color. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  11. The cable throw is very beautiful!:)