Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July

Its holiday week with the 4th which is also my hubby's birthday.  Looking forward to it as we'll all be together.

The hook has been dancing and I've been enjoying every minute of it.  My red granny has 23 squares completed.  I initially thought I would need 35 squares, will have to lay them out and see if that still stands.  I love the coloring of this granny and am starting to get anxious to get it done so I can start another afghan (really two more).  I'm trying very hard not to start the next project but ...  time will tell. 

The next afghans will be square in a square.  This has started calling out to me, I may have to work one square up just because ...  Debi of Hooks and Yarns  shared her pattern.  Thank you Debi.

And daisy granny at Bunny Mummy ...Jacquie has provided a wonderful tutorial.  The pink will be for the little miss due in October and the blue one for a friend.  Hmmm, I think that three afghans ... I won't say another word as I think there's a few more too!  LOL 

The squares are so perfect for summer work.  Small take alongs with such gorgeous results.  DIL and I spent Friday afternoon in Barnes and Noble, sipping Java Chip and crocheting. 
And last but not least ... I have to share what my DIL is working on.  This is her first afghan and she's doing a beautiful job.  I am thrilled that she's loving crochet too!  I am so proud.

Keep cool and keep those hooks moving.



  1. Can't believe the year is going so fast.. or am I getting that little bit older LOL. Love the red sqares the colours are lovely and will make a beaut rug..

  2. I love them all. You've inspired me to make a red granny blanket now. Dang it! I love Debi's square in a square pattern. It's so easy to make. I've been busy working some of those up myself.

  3. Oh they are all looking very nice.. Loving the pink with flowers!!!

  4. Hi Glor! First, happy birthday to hubby! What a fun day to have one's birthday!! Love the red granny squares!!! And love the patterns you show for your future projects. How exciting it is to see young people taking up these crafts! Oh how I wish my two girls would show an interest. But they do not, as of yet.
    Your daughter in law is doing a fabulous job on her first afghan!!!

  5. oh so pretty, a dancing hook is a happy hook :)

  6. Congrats on the new little Miss that coming into your lives. How wonderful!

    I love the red granny squares you are working on.

    I am going to have to look up the pattern now on the daisy granny blanket, so very pretty.

    That is the most wonderful news that you and your DIL share the love of crochet. That is wonderful. Her blanket is lovely, you'd never know she was a newbie based on that beautiful blanket. She has a real talent for crochet, and of course, she has the best teacher in the entire world! :)

    Blessings to you and yours always

  7. Okay, that does it... a red blanket is my next big project!!!

  8. Your daughter in law is doing such a tremendous job! But I love the colors in your granny 'ghan, too. That square inside a square afghan is going to be so gorgeous!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Your red squares are looking so pretty - and your DIL's blanket is too. I'm glad you like my square pattern - thanks for the link up. :)