Friday, July 13, 2012

A little more then a half day work today, then errands to run and hopefully some time with the hook and yarn.  The red granny ends have all been woven in but still need a bit cooler weather to begin to stitch together.  The daisy squares are accumulating and a small doily/coaster to be finished this evening.  And that's the crochet front from here.

Hope your day is a pleasant one and the weekend as well.

Abundant blessings,  


  1. Hope you enjoy your day my friend. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always

  2. Hope you enjoy your weekend also..Looks like you have several little projects in the works...I do that also!

  3. Hope you get some cooler weather to finish your projects! I can't wait to see them!!!
    XO Kris

  4. Wow! Things are really progressing on your "crochet front." I feel like I'm working on my "crochet back." Everything lately has to be frogged and redone. Can't wait to see what you accomplish this weekend.