Saturday, July 7, 2012

Next ...

Daisy granny ... started yesterday, the pink one.  Very easy and so pretty.  Quite a bit accomplished already. 

Have made several centers and then different stages of progress.  After several test attempts I settled upon using two crochet hooks ... an I (5.5MM) for the flower and center, then size G (4.25MM) for the remainder of the square.

Its a wonderful pattern and I think will be a well treasured blanket.  I still have the blue one in mind too for a very special friend.  Once I determine the shades of blue and yellow center I will pack a take along bag for the blue one.  I can see that as a Barnes & Noble crochet on those hot and steamy summer days.  Hook, yarn and a Java Chip, now that's a summer delight. 

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. That blanket will be treasured for years..such a happy looking blanket if you know what I mean. Sounds like a great plan the Barnes and Noble thing. Blessings

  2. Such pretty colors for your new afghan. :) I'm almost done with #3s baby afghan, and then I can do some other projects. Woohoo! :D

  3. Oh, this will be pretty too. I love all those soft and comfy colors -- but also like the bold red you used on your last one. Squares can get very addicting, can't they?

  4. Very pretty squares, I can see a baby girl wrapped up in it, just perfect!
    Susanne :)