Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting in the wings ...

My current two projects are coming along nicely, one almost done.  I'm finding I really enjoy having two large projects going at once.  Its a nice change to go from one pattern to another and different colors.
The next two projects have been identified (I think).  Grannies again.  However, one never knows, the hook is just so fickle, hard not to be with so many wonderful patterns.  Seems like everything I see I want.

The yarn has  been selected and sits waiting.  One of these will be started as soon as the daisy granny is finished.  It now is about 30 inches square.  I'm not sure if I will leave it at the 30 inches (before edging) or add another 6 square strip.  Of course, I want to start a new project so my first thought is to finish it where it is now, but I think the added length might be better.  Back to the drawing board!

Time to brew the coffee and get ready for the day and a week which promises to  be a busy one.   


  1. I'm kind of in a quandry at the moment. I am almost finished with a pillow and it did not turn out as I had hoped so now I'm completely disgusted. And with that comes a not knowing of what I want to do now. Hope you have a wonderful week Glor!

  2. I love seeing pictures of yarn...I know, I have issues, don't I! :)

    I can't wait to see what you hook up next. I hear ya on the fickle hook....I keep having issues with trying to figure out if I want to do thread or yarn...I am feeling a doily coming on again. :)

    Blessings to you and yours always :)

  3. I'm working on small projects right now for that quick sense of accomplishment. But I do have many, many things on the go -- from gift bags to cross-stitch, dishcloths and towel borders, grannies ... so fun to do one thing after another. You are always busy with your hook, too. Hope you have a fabulous week. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  4. wow..your hook is steamin...I've finished up the little afghan, and am working on restarching the thread crochet angel...and I might begin another...I have planty of white yarn..always my pleasure to stop and visit with you and see your beautiful items....

  5. Oh...I wish I had those colors of yarn...My pile is getting smaller each day so a trip to town is needed and fast! Everyone is sharing so many pretty colors...I am really focused on that pink color!